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construction engineer, mechanical engineer, chemical engineer, petroleum engineer, environmental engineer, architecture, design and manufacturing engineer, welding engineer, railway engineer, electrical electronics engineer, industrial engineer, aeronautical engineer, geological engineer, geophysics engineer, health and safety engineer

Prodesign Ltd IRAQ

ProDESIGN, an engineering consultancy firm being founded in 2000, has defined its main activities as to render the entire surveying and civil design and the consultancy services of the construction an

Elegan Group

ELEGAN CONSTRUCTION Elegan Construction was conceived in 2000 and quickly began garnering attention with its quality and originality. With its professional staff, Elegan Construction is dedicated to p

Gurbag Group

GÜRBAĞ CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. has put its signature to many comprehensive projects in Turkey and abroad with its professional technical staff, machinery and equipment since 1992 as one of Turkey’s

BC Group

“BC COMPANY GROUP” established in 2006 has a leading place in Turkey and Iraq and acts with a vision of being the leader in the sectors in which it works with its successful past. BC GROUP; opera

Mylo Group

Founded in 2010 as a property management company we have quickly become a leading local specialist in various sectors. Mylo Group’s pursuit of excellence in feasibility and development, and our

Harland Company

Hardland Co. is an electromechanical trading and contracting company founded in the year 2008. With a leadership vision in the electromechanical contracting field, where we managed to achieve steady g

Petra Engineering

Petra Engineering Industries Co. was founded in 1987 with a broad vision to produce a wide variety of HVAC equipment that meet a diversity of application requirements and to export to major worldwide

Amgas Total emission Control

Treatments For Wells Risks to worker safety and environment are elevated anytime H2S is present. Succesful and safe well activities including completions, testing and underbalanced drilling are relian

Global Geophysical Co.

Global Geophysical Services Global Geophysical Services, Inc. provides an integrated suite of geoscience solutions to the international oil and gas industry including high-resolution Reservoir Grade

Stirling Group

What We Do Stirling Group is a leading provider of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and support services to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) oil and gas industry. We enable businesses


MOGAN GROUP  – ANKARA HEAD OFFICE Investment to Ankara (the capital city of Turkey) Architectural projects (Anahtar Teslim Mimari hizmetler), Decoration services (Dekorasyon ve uygulama hizmet