Safety is our number one priority

Abor oil Company is committed to incident free operations. This commitment is underpinned by two initiatives;
Leading safety targets the human element in safety issues, looking at the culture and behavior of the workforce and training people to be more safety aware.

Key elements in Abor oil’s policy;
An incident-free operation
Safety prioritized over oil production or economic
Safety training emphasized
Constant review of safety procedures
Reward people for intervening when they see a safety hazard

Our companies have the capacity on transporting oil productions inside and outside Kurdistan Region and among al countries in the world and we can transport oil productions at the shortest period as possible. We are ready to buy oil productions inside and outside Kurdistan Region.

We are ready to provide any oil productions from any countries in the world. Our companies work on the field of oil and oil production and offer services to Kurdistan Region Government foreign and domestic companies. We can provide (oil, gas and fuel oil) to state offices, electricity power investment companies and all other parties and companies temporary or permanently by the required quality.

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