ALBIT Company is an Iraqi Kurdistan construction and transportation first rated company. ALBIT Company has come to be recognized, respected and trusted in Iraq especially in Kurdistan. This goodwill is the result of the company is efforts and achievements over the years.

ALBIT Company has been founded in 2000 in Kurdistan region and it is a first rated company ,there fore it has potentiality for doing all types of construction projects and transportation . ALBIT company started implementing huge projects in Kurdistan such as Design and Construction of English Village and Ok Mall in Erbil with (JMJ, Kasra and RBC)companies, Petrol stations, Water and sanitation projects, road and school construction projects, more and more, ALBIT company provided various services to the government ministries and offices.

Its new project from Albit company has started from December and it in progress until now. Every building consists of 11 floors every floor consist of 4 apartment and each one is built on area 8200 square feet. Dual elevator and each floor of everyone of the mis a 4-house stands on square 150 meters.
•Holland Bazaar
•Galleria Brand
•Nareng Restaurant
•Lebanese Beauty Center

Total 2.000.000 m2 Area 1400 Houses with 2 type 1 Floor and 2 Floor.

One of the best Petrol station in Erbil. The petrol station has started service the customers from 2006 until now .the Address Erbil – 100 meter – intersection of Avenue Kirkuk.

One of the most popular part in Erbil. İn 2006 the British began the constructions of villas and finished in 2007. 410 villas have been built in a total of 100 acres. Each villa has a 324 square meter area. 140 square meter house with a green garden of the remaining 45 percent.


Its new project from Albit company has started from 2013 and it in progress until now. Every building consists of 20 floors every floor consist of 1 apartment . Total 300 Flat and 10 commercial area, 1 Pool and Fitness Center.

Arena mall now is the modern shopping center inside the English village and it has been built on 3000 square meters. It will be complete at 2014.

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