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Treatments For Wells

Risks to worker safety and environment are elevated anytime H2S is present. Succesful and safe well activities including completions, testing and underbalanced drilling are reliant on our dependable and innovative services that treat H2S and other noxious emissions.


H2S is hazardous to workers and lethal at low concentrations. The success of a well completion in sour environments relies on our dependable innovation and expertise.


Well Testing

Down hole or surface control processes all produce fluids and emissions where H2S adds risk to the project. Eliminating risks to safety and environment requires our innovative and dependable services.


Under Balanced Drilling

H2S present in water, foam,hydrocarbons, muds and other drilling fluids increases the risk to health and safety of drilling personnel. Proper treatment of these fluids/emissions requires our expertise and dependable innovation to eliminate the risk.


Fluid Treatment

Produced fluids carrying H2S increase the risk to workers and environment. These fluids must be treated before they can be stored, transported, processed or disposed. Using our dependable and innovative scavengers to sweeten H2S laden fluids eliminates the risk.


Tank Venting

Vapor that carries H2S and other noxious emissions (such as SO2) are too dangerous to vent to atmosphere. The risk to people and the surrounding environment is high. Unlike Flaring H2S can be controlled without creating SO2. The sour vapour must be treated safely by dependable equipment, processes and people before venting into the air.


Lubricator Bleed Down

Trapped gasses and small amounts of fluids become sour when used in processes containing H2S. Our expertise and dependable innovation are required to safely treat these gassess and fluids eliminating the risk of H2S exposure to field workers.


Frac operations

Fracturing fluids become sour when used in production zones containing H2S. H2S increases the risks to worker safety and environment. Frac fluids containing H2S must be safely treated using our dependable innovation and service before they can be stored, disposed or recycled.



Sour Crude Oil Recovery (SCOR) process launched in response to the increased development of sour oil and gas in the Middle East. Sour oil and gas well intervention is difficult to handle and treat due to lack of infrastructure, technology and experience in the Middle East. As a result, those crude resources, laden with Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), have been routinely flared, leading to a loss of commercial goods as well as presenting environmental and safety hazards.

The process provides multiple avenues for treating, storing, recovering or transporting sour crude oil. The process fulfills the sustainability requirements of the triple bottom line in that it protects people, environment and investment.

The SCOR process integrates processes, service and equipment with dependable technological innovations that meet our existing standards. It is a cost effective way to manage risks to polluting emissions and other contaminations in sour oil and gas.

The SCOR process allows recovery opportunities for extended well tests, which improve well/zone evaluation and drilling plans. Extended well tests are now possible because of the elimination of burning crude and the consequences associated with it. Recovered sour crude oil is loaded, transported and treated safely in the SCOR Transport Tank TM  allowing commercial recovery of the oil. This also allows for extended testing parameters due to the cost savings of recovered crude oil.


Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Fluid treatment and venting are two critical matters during a turnaround where H2S is present. H2S is toxic and lethal in small doses which increases the risk to worker safety and environment.

Vacuum truck and fan assisted tank venting, nitrogen purges and VRU shutdowns all require dependable and innovative processes to treating H2S present in fluids or vapours.


Production & Processing

Fluids containing H2S give off sour vapour equally as dangerous to workers and the environment. Treating vapours or the sour fluid itself requires our dependable and innovative scrubbers and scavengers to ensure the risks to safety and environment are eliminated so that produced fluids can be stored, transported, processed or disposed.

Transportation & Terminals

H2S present in fluids or vapours increases the risk to worker safety and environment during loading at well sites or terminals. H2S can also restrict the oil that enters a pipeline.

Proper treatment of H2S laden fluid or vapour requires our innovative and dependable scavengers, scrubbers and experts to ensure the integrity of worker safety and environmental protection.


Sulphur Services

Sulphur remelt operations produce by-products like sulphur dust, SO2 and H2S which also vent during loading and storage of molten sulphur. Proper treatment will eliminate health and safety risk requires dependable and innovative processes with highly trained experts to implement them.

Tank Gauging

Reliable level gauges are more than just ensuring accurate level measurements. Protecting field workers from exposure to H2S and ensuring their safety while eliminating costly down time from nuisance maintenance activities requires our dependable innovation.

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