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Who are we ?

Baghy Shaqlawa… New Name… New Style… New Idea in the world of Real Estate marketing. We started in a small traditional office. Now, we are a Real estate Service Company with a chain of inter connected and integrated real estate offices applying modern techniques along with genuine values, supreme goals and outstanding services, all achieved through trained competent staff.

Our Vision

Earning our clients’ trust and becoming their first choice when seeking advice and services, concerning the business of and investment in the real estate sector in the Kurdistan Region.

Our Mission

We seek to provide the best service and advice in the field of real estate mediation and real estate investment in the Kurdistan Region in a sincere, credible, and transparent way through academically trained and efficient to provide staff.

Our Values

  1. Honesty: We seek to provide our services in an honest manner aiming to put customers’ interest and satisfaction first, along with providing them the best advice consultation free of charge.
  2.  Credibility, Total commitment to honesty and integrity, fulfilling our promises to our customer.
  3.  Transparency: Introducing both parties to each other and presenting full transaction details in a clear and transparent way to both parties.

Our Services

  • Offering free information and consultation regarding residential, commercial and farm real estate.
  • Buying and selling houses and villas at Dream City, English Village, Vitale Village, Naz City (Zekeria) apartments, American Village, Royal City, Italian City, Family Land in Baxtiari, Waziran Neighborhood, Zin City and all other new residential properties in Erbil.
  • Letting and renting residential properties in the above mentioned bullet point.
  • Buying, selling and letting commercial building and apartment stores in all of Erbil’s commercial districts.
  • Buying and selling residential plots in Baxtiari, Waziran, Naz naz, Sarbasti, Kasnazan Road and all other districts of Erbil.
  • Buying and selling farms and agricultural land located around the city of Erbil.
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