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what does the first, largest, and most trusted online shopping service for consumers in Iraq, kurdistan, is the market leader in providing iraqi people with online shopping services . our services allow consumers in iraq to buy goods from U.S. and all over the world retailers . we then ship the goods to their home or business using our global shipping partners. the service is a safe, legal way to enjoy the enormous selection of goods available in the U.S. and world marketplace right from your computer. customers buy from popular U.S. retail websites, from eBay auctions and even from the world wholesalers. we publish recommended sites popular with our customers. you can also search the web to see results not filtered by your location. 

who uses
kurdistan citizens use Premium + Mail services to continue receiving everyday mail such as catalogs, magazines, first class mail and bulk mail. each customer chooses whether they are interested in package forwarding, postal mail forwarding or both. stores in the U.S. and many other contries typically do not ship overseas. using package consolidation and international shipping services lets them buy just as if they were on a shopping trip to the united states and any area in the world. service also assists customers who may find their international credit card is not acceptable to some online shopping websites.

Erbil Vital (Head) Office
Address: Vital Village No: 32, 
between Ashty Hall and the English Village
Phone 1: 0750 313 5000
Phone 2: 0751 010 1880

Duhok Branch Office
Address: Main Road. Next to PDK Branch 1,
Phone : 0750 313 5001

Sulaimani Branch Office
Address: Filkey Xale Haci. Telari Niyaz No:13 
Phone : 0770 468 6000

Baghdad Branch Office
Address: Karada / Al-Wahdah / 42nd Street
Phone : 0772 461 4239

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