Choman Company was founded in 1980. At the beginning it worked under the name of “Choman Bureau for providing construction material”. After noticeable progress, long period of hard work, and years of experience Choman Company get a company license in 1999 under the name of “ Choman Company for general contracts, trading, transportation, and supplying” with capital 25,000,000 ( twenty five milion Dolar).

General Trading (cement, steel and petrol trading)

a. Cement Trading: Choman Company is partner of the following cement types, and It could be provided for all the projects:
i. Tasluja Cement.
ii. Bazyan Cement.
iii. Sarchnar Cement.
iv. Turkish Cement.
v. Indian Cement.
vi. Iranian Cement.
vii. Chinese Cement.
viii. Egyptian Cement
The Company is the main Cement Partner of the following:
• Main Partner of the Kurdisatn Ministry of Industry for providing cement to the people in Erbil and Dahuk.
• Main Partner of Tasluja, Bazyan, and Sarchnar Cement Factory.
Choman Company has the service of transportation of requested quantify of cement to requested distention.

b. Construction Iron Bar Trading
Choman Company is the provider of the following type of Iron bar:
i. Turkish Iron bar.
ii. Iranian Iron bar.
iii. Ukraine Iron bar
iv. Erbil Iron bar.

The following Projects and companied were provided cement and construction iron bar by Choman Company
1. The 77 Company (Turkish).
2. Sigma Company (USA).
3. Hemin Group (Italian Village in Erbil).
4. Mam Company.
5. Aten Company (Turkish).
6. Rad and Dad Company (Turkish).
7. Pizza Concrete mixer
8. Aso concrete mixter
9. Engineering Group.
10. Falcon Company.
11. ACCP Company (Lebanese)
12. English Village (Erbil).
13. Darya concrete mixer
14. Norsoy Company.

c. Petroleum Trading.

Equipment Provider:

Choman Company is one of the equipment providers for the projects and other companies such as office furniture providing, and providing uniforms for the security forces, polices, and army.
More over Choman Company provide electronic equipment whether it made locally or importing from outside.
Some of our customers that have been supplied with the equipments:
• Providing uniform for the Ministry of Internal as two separated project which costs $3,600,000.
• Providing office furniture for University of Koya, Total cost of the project was $900,000.
• Providing office furniture for University of Sulaimani, Total cost of the project was $430,000.

The Company has more than 40 tracks which are used for transportation of equipments either locally or internationally. The company can provide more tracks as required.

Some of our transportation projects and customers:
• Transporting cement from Sulaimani to Erbil From 01/11/2006 to 01/05/2007 which costs $2,520,000.
• Transporting cement from Sulaimani to Dahuk From 01/11/2006 to 01/05/2007 which costs $2,000,000.
• Transporting cement from Sulaimani to Erbil From 25/05/2006 to 24/10/2007 which costs $2,000,000.
• Transporting cement from Sulaimani to Dahuk From 25/05/2006 to 24/10/2007 which costs $1,500,000.
• One of the ongoing projects is transporting cement from Sulaimaniyah to Erbil and Dohuk which costs $4,000,000.

Factories and Industrial equipments

Choman Company is the owner of the following factories:

Block Factory
• This Factory founded since 1983.
• Production capacity is 800 block per hour
• The block made as Iraqi standard specification.
• The factory is capable for producing different type and size of block such as (20×20, 20×10, 30×30) and Biharton bricks.

Filler Factory
• Filler is a material produced from stone used as a construction material in roads with asphalt and used as a mixture with white concrete for tile installation.
• The Production capacity is 100 ton per hour.

Industrial Equipments
Choman Company has several industrial equipments that are used in the factories.

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