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Cihan university is a private English-speaking institution, one of the first and finest universities established in Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. It was approved by the Kurdish Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2006 and operated for the first time in 2007.
Spread over 127.000 m2, the university campus consists of newly-built, modern, fully-equipped and spacious complex of buildings which hosts its academic departments, administration offices and student service facilities.
Cihan University offers undergraduate degrees in Law, Business Administration, Accounting & IT, Communication & Engineering, Computer Science, International Relations, Architecture Engineering, Biology, Graphic Design and English.

Mission and Values
The core mission of Cihan University is to promote learning in Kurdistan as well as the Middle East. The university offers undergraduate students the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as persons and professionals. Our institution’s core values include a belief in a commitment to advancing academic rigor, the search for scientific truth, human development, freedom and responsibility, leadership, integral development, ethics and justice.

Cihan University will constantly provide affordable, high quality undergraduate education appropriate for the region, services and resources to promote student learning and academic success.

Our strategic initiatives focus on recruiting and retain a diverse faculty of outstanding scholars and a qualified staff committed to advancing Cihan University’s mission and values. Similarly, our initiatives include the enrollment and support a student body which demonstrates high academic achievement as well as the provision of an attractive campus environment.

In the near future, Cihan University plans include its expansion in terms of facilities and academic departments. The first Teaching Hospital will be soon added to our programs.

Colleges and Programs of Study

Cihan University offers undergraduate degrees in the following fields

•Accounting and IT
•Architecture Engineering
•Business Administration
•Communication Engineering
•Computer Science
•English Studies
•Graphics Design
•International Relations

•All programs at Cihan University are 4-years programs leading to a bachelor degree in the field.
•Architecture Engineering is a 5-years program.
•Courses are taught in English.
•Courses are offered on the credit system mode.
•Students may choose morning or evening classes.
•Students of all nationalities who highschool graduates can be accepted.

College of Business
•Department of Business Administration
•Department of Accounting and IT

College of Law & International Affairs
•Department of Law
•Department of International Affairs

College of Science
•Department of Biology
•Department of Computer Science

College of Engineering
•Department of Communication and Computer Engineering
•Department of Architecture Engineering

College of Linguistics and Art
•Department of English

General Education Courses
All students at Cihan University, regardless the major of study, are required to take general education courses. These courses are
•English Language
•Computer Applications
•Kurdology (Kurdish Culture)

Requirements for Graduation
In order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree students must meet the following requirements: Completion of all final course work (minimum of 150 credits) Completion of all required courses as specified by each major A cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C average)

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