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Our mission

Working for stronger, deeper, broader relations between the UK and Iraq. Supporting the people and Iraqi government as they build a stable, prosperous and democratic nation. Increasing UK-Iraq trade and investment, realising Iraq’s economic potential, supporting long-term stability and working with Iraq to build partnerships in the region and beyond.


Encouraging good relations between Iraq and its Arab neighbours, the West and Turkey, and the normalisation of Iraq-Kuwait relations.

The management of Iraq’s resources and the availability of work opportunities for Iraqi people to earn a living and provide for their families is crucial for the security and integrity of Iraq.


  • encouraging the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to pass and implement new legislation on hydrocarbons and revenue sharing
  • contributing to Iraqi development of a strategic vision for the energy sector
  • encouraging the Iraqi government to play a responsible role in OPEC and other international energy institutions
  • working with the EU on a strategic partnership with Iraq, including encouraging gas exports to the EU
  • supporting British companies to win high value contracts in Iraq
  • improving UK visa operations in Iraq
  • encouraging and supporting the Iraqi government to resolve the problems that prohibit business, and encourage inward investment
  • supporting increased private sector growth in Iraq, leading to job creation
  • building partnerships between UK and Iraqi colleges and universities to support improved learning and develop vocational, academic and professional skills
  • improving provision of education and training in the state sector
  • encouraging Iraq-funded scholarships to the UK
  • seeking reduced restrictions on banks eligible to issue letters of credit
  • encouraging a market open to foreign banks and support British banks’ efforts to enter and grow
  • supporting development of retail banking to provide small loans to private businesses and the public

UK Trade & Investment services

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK and in British Embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world. It provides companies with the tools they require to be competitive on the world stage.

Iraq can be a difficult market to approach for the first time. For this reason, in addition to offering business advice and commercial introductions through the Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS) service, the UKTI team in Iraq also offers an accommodation and support service at the British Embassy in Baghdad for UK business visitors on their first few visits to the country.

Under the service, UK companies can take advantage of:

  • accommodation and amenities (meals, laundry, gym etc) on the secured Embassy compound
  • secure airport transfers with the Embassy’s mobile security teams,
  • transport to any meetings where an Embassy Officer is accompanying.

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