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EMP is a local company utilizing international standards in serving businesses in Kurdistan and Iraq since 2007. We provide professional Recruitment, Payroll, Real-estate, and Event Management to international and local businesses which exist or plan to exist in Kurdistan and Iraq.


EMPs mission is to help international and local businesses establish foothold in the market by providing value-added business services including Human Resources, Real Estate and Event Management with emphasis on speed, efficiency and innovation without compromising quality.

Our services


    If you are seeking talented candidates EMP will be the place to reach them. EMPs database is rich with around 8,000 experienced professionals from all sectors and job categories; it serves as the primary source for both job seekers and employers.

HRM & Payroll

    If you cant handle your HR or you dont have time for it and want to invest your time in more productive and core operations, EMP is always there to take care of your HR management. EMP can virtually run your companys entire HR Department.

Real Estate

    If you are seeking an office space or a residence, we can make this an easy and interesting experience. Our real estate services are designed on the belief that selling, purchasing, leasing and managing properties can be faster, more efficient and less costly.

Turnkey Services

    If you want to establish your business in Kurdistan Region and Iraq from zero and dont know where to start and how to finish, EMP is there with its all-in-one solution toolbox to guide and support them with every step of their expansion process.

Event Management

    Our event management solution is designed for those who are desperate seeking a way to make their events a success without headache. We have A-Z event services to make sure every aspect of your events is well thought of.


    Wherever your market knowledge is in short when trying to make a wise business decision, our team of professional consultants are there to help with various business consultancy.


    If you want your business to succeed in a multi-lingual market and you want to reach out different groups of clients, people and institutions, our experienced translators and interpreters can connect you to your stakeholders.


    We can take care of your transportation needs from shuttle services for your employees, guests and groups to providing drivers, vehicles including service, maintenance and motor insurance.

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