Environmental protection and Improvement Board


Board Activities

The first Environmental conference has begun it is working. (11/6/2013)
The first environmental conference in 5,6 of june2013 has been held in present of Kurdistan region government (KRG) Mr. Nechirvan Barzani . (10/6/2013)
Aksyona Spanish company visits environmental protection and improvement board in the purpose of creating a natural park (30/4/2013)
Affect of the human in environment in a seminar has been discussed. (30/4/2013)
Garmian ends the environmental awareness week (29/4/2013)
The fourth Festival of young of the year has been held. (28/4/2013)
Environmental protection and improvement board presents a seminar in Erbil governorate. (24/4/2013)
In Kurdish newspaper anniversary various of environmental topics were published. (23/4/2013)
Environmental board has done series of environmental activities in TaqTaq district (3/4/2013)
The purpose of visiting Latvia has been discussed by the head of the environmental protection and improvement board (1/4/2013)
Assisted by a team of kurdsat Satellite TV Channel the department of Environment in Sulaymaniyah, field visit to places predisposing to throw waste. (7/10/2012)
The new president of environmental protection and improvement board visited the Department of Environment in Erbil (4/10/2012)
Sulaymaniyah. Series of environmental activities have been held for the purpose of cholera prevention. (3/10/2012)
The Environment Fund were Selected with the Assignment of The Head, The Director and The Members (1/8/2012)
A workshop about expired material and its affects on strati-ozone has been held (6/5/2012)

Environmental News

Global Warming Endangers South American Water Supply (30/7/2013)
Environmentalist Receives Major Award for Work to Restore Iraq’s Marshlands (29/4/2013)
UN to Support China to Phase out Ozone-Depleting Substances, with Major Climate Benefits (29/4/2013)
Nearly 80 Percent Of Americans Hit By Extreme Weather Disaster Since 2007, Report Finds (11/4/2013)
World Health Day Climate and Clean Air Coalition Targets Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution Fri, Apr 7, 2013 (8/4/2013)
New Partnership to Offset UN Carbon Emissions and Support Sustainable Development (7/4/2013)
Studies Needed on Arctic Ice (25/2/2013)
New Emphysema Procedure Tested (21/2/2013)
The World Day of Social Justice – 20th February (21/2/2013)
Rare Hihi shows us style is down to diet! (10/2/2013)
New Species! Eelpout species numbers rise with another deep-sea find (10/2/2013)
Polluted Air Linked to Poor Birth Outcomes, Early Deaths (10/2/2013)
Recycling (10/2/2013)
China versus Japan; the winner Pollution (6/2/2013)
Trash island (6/2/2013)
World Wetlands Day – 2nd February (4/2/2013)

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