Falcon Group is a wholly Iraqi-owned conglomerate. Since its inception in 2004, Falcon Group’s portfolio has grown significantly. Welcoming the new environment of freedom in Iraq, Falcon Group has carefully selected domestic business sectors that capitalize on infrastructure growth. The Group now has 16 companies operating under its umbrella.

This continuous pursuit for expansion and growth has propelled Falcon Group to success through developing diverse projects in the areas of security, construction, agriculture, concrete production and real estate development.

With corporate head offices in Baghdad and branch offices in Erbil, Basra and Kirkuk, Falcon Security has become the largest 100% Iraqi-owned and operated registered security company in Iraq. We are pleased to provide security services to many international oil companies.

Empire World, founded in 2007, is Falcon Group’s highly regarded real estate company, which has become a leader in the real estate sector in Iraq. The Empire World development spans a land area of 750,000m2. Empire World’s multi-faceted and mixed-use approach to land utilization for residential, leisure, entertainment, service facilities and office/commercial space, affords the project the distinguishing characteristic of a city within a city. The Empire Business Complex offers prime office space to leading international companies and energy companies.

Delivering world class services and products with total dedication to excellence without compromise, Falcon Group is proud to demonstrate the conglomerate’s principles through providing the very best in quality combined with professionalism and expertise in each of its areas of activity. Falcon Group currently employs over 3000 employees including a tier of experienced international professionals in some of its key management roles.

– Falcon Security
– Falcon Construction
– Falcon Agriculture
– Falcon Oil & Gas
– Falcon Travel Agency
– Falcon Batch Plant

– Empire World
– Full Service
– Brayati Construction

Some of our notable projects include:

1 Construction Petronas (Oil Company) Design/Build 2012 $1,600,000.00
2 Construction Petronas (Oil Company) Design/Build 2012 $4,400,000.00
3 Construction OMV (Oil Company) Design/Build 2012 $600,000.00
4 Construction NOC (Oil Company) Design/Build 2012 $16,000,000.00
5 Engineering, procurement and construction for earthworks and ancilliary workshop at FCP Site Petronas Carigali Iraq, Garraff Construction 2011 $3,900,000.00
6 Reconfiguration of KBR camp in Erbil KBR Construction 2009 $575,000.00
7 Surveillance Towers – Kirkuk US Military Design/Build 2008 $400,000.00
8 Fabrication & Installation of 19 Guard Towers PCO Construction 2007 $690,802.00
9 New Facilities & Renovation PWC Logistics Design/Build 2006 $400,000.00
10 Renovation of Society Center FAO Building/Rehabilitation 2004 $44,565.00
11 Installation of Guard Towers Multi-National Forces Specialty Contractor 2004 $44,565.00
12 Renovation of 12 Buildings US Military Rehabilitation 2004 $139,450.00

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