Federal Group is a privately owned, Iraq based group of service companies.

Federal Group has four main areas of activity and each of its subsidiaries is focused on a specific area. They are:
•Oilfield services
•Supply and support of engineering equipment
•Complex construction projects

Federal Group’s intimate knowledge of the unique Iraqi market, working environment and business culture, coupled with its extensive international experience and corporate structure, is what makes it an exceptional organization.

Each of the Federal Group companies has established either joint ventures or partnerships with leading international service companies, or equipment manufacturers that have undertaken numerous successful projects or have established leading positions in the markets they serve.

The foundations of the Federal Group of companies were laid over 40 years ago, in Iraq by its founder. What started out as a private electrical contracting company in Iraq, expanded to the gulf region and the former Soviet Union territories and extended its activities into oilfield services, returning to Iraq after 2003.

The Federal Group senior management team successfully combines the elements of experience and youth. It has extensive expertise and a proven track record in complex project development, management of mega projects, international and domestic sales and business development, as well as setting up and managing successful joint ventures and partnerships.

Corporate Governance
Federal Group’s structure, organization and management are based on a Western corporate model. Our entire organization applies procedures, and uses company manuals and staff handbooks, which are based on best practices and emphasize HSE, transparency, integrity and high work ethnics. Financial accounts and all legal transactions are meticulously kept in compliance with local regulations.

All of Federal Group’s companies in Iraq are incorporated in full compliance with Iraqi laws and requirements and each is registered with their corresponding regulatory agencies and government ministries and are approved and licensed to work in all regions of Iraq.

Federal Group subsidiaries and partnerships have a number of office and facility locations in Iraq. Below is a map indicating these locations.

We are proud of our national heritage and passionately encourage the preservation of our culture and history for future generations. Federal Group supports a number of charity organizations and NGO’s that work with local communities, such as Preemptive Love Coalition.

Federal Logistics Services Company (FLS)

FLS is the logistics arm of the Federal Group.

FLS was established to support the logistics activities of the other Federal Group Companies such as FDC and FPS and to provide international and domestic transportation, customs clearance, loading, unloading and the storage of large quantities of supplies and construction and hazardous materials.

FLS has established a joint venture company with Momentum Logistics LLC (ML) a highly reputable UAE 3PL company, to provide logistics services throughout Iraq.

The joint venture company Momentum Transportation and Logistics Ltd (MTL) has an active presence in Iraq with a base in Zakho and offices in Erbil and Sulaimani. ML is a subsidiary of Gultainer LLC, an international port operator, based in Sharjah, who has recently taken over the operation of Umm Qasr Port under a 20-year port management contract with the Iraqi Ministry of Transport.

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