Profile / History

Established in 1984, Homan launched in Nigeria as a Homan company. With time it grew to encompass projects in various African and Middle Eastern regions. Today Homan Group is proud to play a positive role in the rebuilding of infrastructures and buildings, specifically in highways and its networks, bridges, irrigation projects, infrastructures; sewerage lines, potable water and waste water pumping stations.

With time, the company has strived for success and earned a reputable position in both, local and regional markets. Since the company’s initiation, it has aimed at delivering an outstanding performance and quality in its field.

The group consists of independently managed companies, working together to deliver the utmost quality and technical proficiency, financial, material and human resources; not to mention its continuous monitoring of work performance and a policy of delegation that encourages creativity and initiative.

Today the Group is comprised of highly qualified personnel with a staff size exceeding 3400 employees located in Nigeria, Lebanon, Djibouti and Kurdistan-Iraq.

Services / Contracting & Trading

Our strength is driven by our flexibility, adaptability and willingness to undertake large-scale projects and continue to grow, in new and difficult environments, while focusing on delivering them in accordance to our high quality standards and time frames. The following activities cover all required trades but are not limited.

Civil Works

Electrical Works

Mechanical Works

Water Supply Projects
Sewerage and Draining Projects
Irrigation Projects
Roads and Highway Networks
Building Projects

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