The Company’s Goal,

Participating in activating, rebuilding, and renovating the country and promoting the aspects of national economy in various sectors according to the national planning of developing.

However, today, we feel that the time has come to share the just pride in taking our position in the higher levels among the countless exporters, in this environment of competition of today. The steps we are taking towards the summit are the clear indications that we have come a long way in the last quarter of a century. We knew from the beginning that our path would be difficult and that the business competition would be ruthless. During the days when we had few personnel and our fields of activity were limited, our clairvoyance in the field and playing the right squares, opened our way. By drawing a good road map we have overcome the most difficult part of the work. Our map will lead us in the right direction to leave behind permanent achievements.

We have identified our clear and long term objectives. We had set out on our journey to offer employment opportunities for more people in a short period of time, to increase our investments, and to make the best use of our resources and have continued to do so until today. With the major projects the companies of our group have accomplished both in country and abroad, we have made important achievements. Our fields of activity have increased rapidly together with the years.

The effects of technology are indisputable however, we are aware that we owe a signifi cant portion of our success to the fact that the importance we place on man power never diminished. Our standard of quality has increased as a result of the importance and value we placed on the human factor. This actually is the victory of the awareness of being “we”, great perseverance, decisiveness and faith. In addition to the projects our group has accomplished both in country and abroad, I would like to extend my profound appreciation to all our employees and managers who have contributed their knowledge, experience to the broad scaled on going projects and reiterate my confi dence that we will make more accomplishments together.

General Manager

Sagvan Yassen Saeed

Director Of Khazir Company

About Khazir Group

Khazir Company for General Trading (Importing & Exporting) and Contracting, a private sector company which covers within its activities a wide range of economical and commercial activities in the field of imports and exports with a number of countries i.e. Turkey, France, Germany, in addition to the branch offices within Iraq (Baghdad –Mosul –Duhok).

The company also participates in the field of general constructions and infrastructure works aiming for rebuilding Iraq as it has activities in the field in addition to land transportation.

The economical and commercial activities which were assumed by the company in past and present years led to the intensification of experience and technical skills of all the company’s personnel and staff in all the company’s branches. Stemming from these acquired skills The Company was successful in accomplishing various contracts with extreme accuracy and precession and within typical time periods never exceeding the exact deadline if not before. These components of optimum performance of increased the confidence of the parties doing business with the company and the enthusiasm in dealing with the company especially in the field of constructions and works for rebuilding infrastructure facilities.

Our main objective in our work and activities is not confined to financial profit but are extended by our oriented striving and dedication to rise our country’s economy.
Khazir Co. is an Iraqi company aiming to accomplish a various developed projects, which our country and we need in order to keep pace with the rest of the world.
We hope from God that we are able to give what may satisfy the our aspiration in serving Great Iraq.

01-Khazir Company for General Trading (Importing & Exporting) and Contracting, a private sector company which covers within its activities a wide range of economical and commercial activities in the field of imports and exports with a number of countries i.e. Turkey, France, Germany, in addition to the branch offices within Iraq (Baghdad –Mosul –Duhok – turkey ).

02-the direct manager of the company, Mr.Sagvan berwari met the minister of Municipality and general works, his highness the minister appreciated the efforts made by Al-Khazir company in achieving “Affak project” and made it reaches up to 100% of its final level. As well, his highness the minister evaluated the high qualities of machines which used in the project and their origins which were provided by the company itself to accomplish the project the thing that reminding of the way which foreign companies were working by.
The minister and Mr. Sagvan discussed the possible ways to improve the deals between the ministry and the company to achieve future projects.
As well as the company activities in general trading and contracting fields which are targeted to rebuild Iraq the company also has activity in land transportation in addition.
Due to the different activities made by the company during past and present years the company has got big experience and skills in all of its branches inside and outside Iraq.
The company has got the ISO9001 Certification as a result of achieving all of its financial and contracting responsibilities with high quality and in-time achievement according to contracts options as well as reliability made other partners have confidence dealing with the company.
The banking credits from foreign banks during the year 2007 reached up to more than 15,000,000 USD used for importing advanced equipments from original and high quality sources such as America, UK, Germany and Italy to achieve high quality projects inside Iraq.
The main goal of our company is not financial benefits only but is the participating in making the economy of the new Iraq more powerful and successful.
The minister f Municipality Mr. Reyaad kareeb, to make an address or speech celebrating to be ending ,”Affak project” .in dewanyaa city. he say ,,we are very happy to end this project by perfect successfully ,,……
The minister of Municipality and the direct manager of the company, Mr.Sagvan berwari with all with general works and many partners starting to gather ….
The minister of Municipality say the project is end perfect successfully 100%……
The minister of Municipality thankful and letter of thanks and appreciation. to the direct manager of the company, Mr.Sagvan berwari and all general works in khazir company,…..
Khazir Company building stadium to give to karbala city .it will be finished as soon as
supply ready -made clothes factory (walady) with raw materials for baby pampers construction cobles (stores) for ministry of defense. …….

The direct manager of the company, Mr.Sagvan berwa meeting with all members in midan U.N. in Germany and he discuss rebuild in Iraq and investments the strange companies ……
We are finshed the building for bank dar AL-salam branch Duhok it is consist of :- 1 -basement floor to bank dar al-salam branch duhok….
One floor to to khazir company for general trading and construction main branch……
Second floor to midan U.N. Germany Iraqi branch duhok…..
Move forAffak project”

Completed Projects

  Project Research


Khazir Group, developments in the energy sector, gained in more than a quarter-century construction, engineering, contracting and project management issues combined experience. High quality, reliable, competitive, environmentally friendly, energy-producing sectors are developing creative solutions and an understanding of operational excellence.

Khazir worked on the Group’s power generation fields,
  Hybrid Systems
 in the form listed. In these areas, research, development and implementation activities are ongoing.

  Food Distribution


Khazir Group, parallel to the rise in foreign trade graphic;
  Food Products,Distribution
  Machine, Equipment and Spare Part,
  Petroleum and Petrochemistry Products and LPG,
  Construction Materials,
  Industrial and Raw Material Products, continues to trade at high level in the importion and expartion areas



Our company acting as a pioneer in the field of transportation and logistics; is offering international land transportation services, logistics services in the free zones, the organization of camps and work sites, maritime transportation services, and railroad transportation services, and Khazir Group is second to none in this field.

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