Kim Supermarket Erbil


Our Mission

KIM is a trustworthy, productive and innovative establishment which…
•Preserves customer satisfaction always at the highest level with its customer focused service approach
•Is close to its customers while being sensitive to their rights and offers them quality, clean and rich products
•Determines the price policy which is most advantageous to its customers
•Has the principle of being honest and trustworthy towards its customers
•Intends to raise the quality standards of shopping in Turkey
…during the process which starts from the moment we receive the goods from the purchaser and continues with shelving, selling and customer consumption.

Our Vision

KIM is an establishment which operates with full team spirit among its trained and experienced personnel with their customer focused service policy. KIM provides added value to the country’s economy and its primary goal is becoming one of the top five supermarket chains of Turkey.

Corporate Values

Our Corporate values
* Our customers are the reason for our existence.
* We regard business ethics in all our pursuits while prioritizing honesty and trustworthiness.
* We transform our stores to the ideal places for our customers to enjoy shopping.
* We follow the technological innovations in our sector, servicing our customers with the best equipment and tools.
*We use every means, spend every effort and dedicate our organization to provide the best product to our customers at the best price.
* We employ our resources to purchase the best products from our suppliers to the benefit of our customers.
* We always better and develop ourselves in terms of corporate structure, organization and human resources.
* We provide service and make special offers to our customers right on time with the awareness of shopping is about perfect timing.
* We support and participate in social responsibility projects regarding education, health, environment, the needy elderly and orphaned minors for contributing to our social welfare and sustainable development.

Our Corporal Principles
* All our customers are insured at the moment they enter our stores in terms of their safety and health.
* Quality, freshness, cleanness and hygiene are essential for all the products sold at our stores from production to purchasing.
* We offer quality service at all our stores with our debonair and trained personnel.
* We transform shopping into pleasure with our variety of products.
* The lowest price is valid whenever there is inconsistency between the label and cashier prices.
* We make our purchases at the most convenient time, from the most proper suppliers, in the way to protect the consumer benefits the most in order to offer the best quality products to our customers.
* We aim the best supermarket in our area with our principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.
* We want to grow constantly by doing our job the best to provide more to the national economy and provide employment to more people.

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