KRG Department of Information Technology


KRG Department of Information Technology (IT)

“Empowering the citizens, government and businesses, by the means of information technology, to interact smoothly, contributing to economy, education, well-being, transparency and efficiency in the Kurdistan Region.”

Establishment history :
KRG Department of IT (DIT) was established in March 2007 under the auspices of H.E the Prime Ministers Nichirvan Barzani. Department is located at the council of ministers dedicated and focused on the development of IT in Kurdistan Region. Our mission is to lead the development of IT and modernize the KRG. It is currently implementing the IT Blueprint for the region to deliver e-government and increase ICT capacity and development in the region. KRG DIT offices are located across the region in all three governorates of Erbil, Duhok and Suleimaniyah.

To drive technology in government and modernize public services, our Mission is to:
1.IT Capacity in the region by the means of education and training
2.Design and implement a connected and secure IT Infrastructure
3.Provide clear IT Governance and leadership for government-wide programms and individual entity projects
4.Create and share government-wide IT Applications, including utilities, data hubs and eServices
5.Encourage IT Participation in order to nurture the emergence of a dynamic IT Industry, and raise the level of internet penetration in society
6.Pursue the adoption of sound IT Policy enshrined in appropriate legislation, standards and regulations
7.Ensure efficient and transparent mechanisms for IT Investment

IT Academy (ITA) :
Our IT Academy provides the government employees with the right training to insure a perfect IT awareness and a great workflow through the help of technology. The facility supports exhibitions and events for the government, as well as helping them in order to make the events a success.

IT Investment :
Provisioning sufficient governmental funds for IT strategy
Private Public Partnership (PPP) of select IT projects
Considering a defined budget for IT as part of each entity’s annual budget

IT Policy :
Legislation to enable IT
Data sharing and information security policy
IT standards and interoperability

IT Participation :
Emphasizing and supporting the vital role of private sector in government’s IT initiatives
Bridging the digital gap in the Kurdistan Region
Promoting the IT enables education and IT education aligned with region’s needs.
Establishing IT centers to promote the knowhow and innovation

IT Applications :
Design and development of essential Government to Government (G2G), Government to Businesses (G2B) and Government to Civilians (G2C) services
Application maintenance and support

IT Governance :
“Planning complex IT projects involves an array of political, organizational, legal, technical, cultural and personnel issues best dealt with by a team charged with the responsibility for the successful outcome of those projects”
“Set of organizational regulations and standards exercised by management to provide strategic direction and ensure that OBJECTIVES are achieved, RISKS are managed and RESOURCES are used responsibly”
Process, People and Technology

IT Infrastructure :
Secure interconnected networks between the entities
Secure Data Centers
Shared and dedicated infrastructure

IT Capacity :
Create IT awareness and increase the digital literacy
Create highly trained and qualified IT staff in each governmental entity
Create focused, service driven IT organization in each entity

Menarah St. , Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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