Mellat Group as a company was established about 20years ago during some difficult times experienced by the Kurdistan region when it was difficult to engage in any sort of industrial and/or commercial activities.

With the eventual relaxation and openness of the economy in Kurdistan, Mellat was among the pioneering enterprises to establish multi specialty companies to answer the needs of a fast growing economy. It was our foresight into the future that prompted us to establish Mellat Group in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region in Iraq and to expand later on to establish branches in Baghdad and Basra.

During our journey to where we are at present, we managed to make quantum leaps in growth and expansion of activities led by a team of professional and dedicated consultants.

By following the best possible administrative practices and international standards of excellence, in addition to cooperation with international partners who share the same futuristic vision and determination to succeed, Mellat Group was transformed into Mellat Holding Company.

Mellat Holding, which comprises 20 companies active in various areas of expertise, thus satisfying greater ambitions and wider scope of objectives. Mellat Holding is ready to join hands and cooperate with any company desirous of joint investment in Kurdistan.


Oil & Gas Trading / MELLAT
Construction & Infrastructure / MELLAT
General Trading & Commercial Agencies / MELLAT
Medical Equipment, Ambulances & Medical Drugs / MELLAT
Electricity Power Station / MELLAT
Investment & Financial Services / MELLAT
Communication / MELLAT
Agriculture / MELLAT
Oil & Gas Services / IDREES SWRJI
Investment & Real Estate Development / IDREES SWRJI
Industrial & Construction / IDREES SWRJI
Tourism & Aviation / IDREES SWRJI
Equipment & Security Control / IDREES SWRJI
Transportation & Distributions / IDREES SWRJI
Education & Vocational Education / IDREES SWRJI
Media & Advertising / IDREES SWRJI

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