Nasri Group Of Companies LTD.


Nasri Group Of Companies LTD. (NGC) is an Iraqi holding group, Founded
in the mid eighties, launched to support three main industries
Construction, Internal Project Management and General Trading.

The company has been involved in major construction trading activities throughout Iraq for many years.

The company also has very diversified specialized business activities, serving the whole of Iraq.

Nasri Group worked in the following key sectors:
1- Residential Real Estate Sector
2- Commercial Real Estate Sector
3- Contracting & Investment Sector
4- General Trading Sector
5- Industry Sector
6- Medical Sector
7- Hospitality & Tourism Sector
8- Energy sector

Group Activities Around The World :
Iraq / Kurdistan

Founded in the mid eighties, Nasri Group is the successful outcome of an
extensive passionate collaboration set by three brothers:

– Architect Nizar Nasri
– Dr. Namir Nasri
– Architect Ramez Nasri

Nasri Group main activities started in the field of import and export of
construction materials and soft drinks in the Iraqi market.

In 1990, the Group moved its relevant headquarters from Baghdad to
Turkey, where it specialized in the processing of global cigarettes
brands to the Iraqi market Thus, enabling the trio to create an
integrated Group of companies.

Nasri Group was launched concurrently with the open trade era the
markets of independent Republics of the former Soviet Union witnessed in
the early nineties, with the emergence of a series of new markets in
the same period.

The three brothers plunged into this challenging experience, hence
becoming the first ones to establish a giant marketing network

Indeed, within the first three years (1992 – 1994), they were able to
launch around 38 representative offices in 38 different republics,
aiming at marketing and spreading their goods accordingly.

The Nasri brothers expanded their scope of activities later on, to
include several areas and states, encompassing real estate investment,
hospitality and services in both the industrial and commercial sectors,
as they were able to create strategic partnerships with international
corporations as well as local companies and investors.

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