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NRC is a global leader in the provision of environmental, industrial and emergency solutions with a focus on providing highly responsive local service with the highest safety standards, innovative technology, modern efficient equipment and dedicated professional employees. NRC combines local services and knowledge with the global strengths of a major international company to deliver quality service within the US and worldwide.

A highly skilled team, mobile equipment, and a wealth of operating experience allows us to provide a broad and flexible range of environmental, industrial and emergency response services and products.

With decades of experience, we provide innovative solutions to a diverse array of companies and organizations.

Our Standards
NRC has an unyielding commitment to maintaining the highest operational and safety standards. All services are delivered to meet a variety of applicable benchmarks including OSHA, NFPA and ANSI and our personnel undergo rigorous training in a range of environmental and emergency disciplines.

NRC works in partnership with clients to support business activities worldwide to deliver comprehensive, cost-effective and safety-driven solutions even under the most challenging conditions. We ensure that our clients are prepared for all eventualities and responds swiftly and effectively whenever and wherever emergencies occur.

We offer a variety of environmental and emergency response services worldwide including:

Oil Spill Response
Hazardous Material Response
Fire Fighting & Rescue
Waste Management
Site Remediation
Industrial Cleaning Services
Emergency Response Consultancy & Training
Environmental Product Sales

We serve and support a diverse range of industries and organizations:

Oil & Gas, Upstream & Downstream
Tanker, Dry Cargo Vessels and Barges
Power Generation
Chemical & Pharmaceutical
Ports & Terminals
Airports & Airlines
Government & Military

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