RESTAURANT & CAFÉ ® brand is owned and operated by Al Aberah Trading Services Company registered, Incorporated & governed by the laws of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) with offices of its Head Quarters were opened in Amman, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, The company & its four brands were created and established in 2010. The company founders & its executive team have over 100 years of combined experience in the food business industry that included International fast food, casual dining, and premium cafes. It has been very obvious to all that the International fast food concepts were performing extremely well in markets they were comfortable to visit, locate, and source all needed raw materials. Markets seemed very sound economically, and politically. Once one brand enters a new country, several will follow and develop their brands. These giant companies will not risk any money or time to develop their brands in growing countries that are not 100% safe & ready for their people and their brands. This is when Al Aberah Trading Franchising Company was created to develop its created brands in these virgin countries where competitors are not there. The idea was to build our International brands with standards that exceed others in terms of food quality, customer service, great taste drinks, smooth taste Argeela, state of art facilities, and unmatched cleanliness, sanitation, and decoration & organization. Great over all pleasant experience. We could dominate these virgin markets with such brands before any brands try to get in.

PAPACEDO RESTAURANT & CAFÉ ® brand is dedicated to serving a full line of freshly prepared dishes all day and most of the night. The breakfast we offer includes, but is not limited to breads, eggs, potatoes, cheese, Manakeesh, waffles, pancakes, and our pleasing egg omelets.

The appetizers offer many dishes of chicken wings, boneless wings, breads, freshly fried onion rings, chips & salsa Mexican style, quesadilla, spring rolls, and a couple of fried or grilled cheeses such as mozzarella and/or halloumi.

Soups & salads are prepared fresh all day. We offer soups such as cream of tomato, cream of mushroom, French onion, and soup of the day. We produce daily César salads with or without chicken, Greek, Jarjeer, Chef, and Italian. All are great tasting salads.

Lunch sandwiches consist of seasoned chicken, Cajun turkey, or beef with Swiss cheese and mushroom. All are 100% freshly prepared daily for your enjoyment. They are served with fresh bread, mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onion rings, and many other items and sauces. Supreme Philly grilled beef inside tortilla bread & grilled chicken Fajitas. The Italian dishes are also well represented. The fettuccini, spaghetti, pizza’s, penne, baked dishes, and lasagna.

Our dinner is available at most any time of the day regardless if it is lunch, dinner, or after. Our guests will be amazed by our fresh salmon filets with or without shrimp, shrimp golden baked or grilled, and fish filet. We also have great beef dishes that include, the best available, fresh 100% filet mignon or rib eye. All are marinated with specific spices for each. You will always remember the taste. Each is served with 2 large portion side items. Our line of side items includes grilled potatoes, sautéed vegetables, and yellow rice with incredible spices. The chicken escallop, chicken with lemon sauce, and fajitas with beef, chicken, or shrimp or combination of two with three fresh roasted vegetables with hot tortillas will always remind our guests of a real good time.

Regardless of your choices: breakfast, easy salad, appetizer, lunch, dinner, drinks, with or without Argeela, time spent with us will always be fun and enjoyable.

Finally, the French style tasting desserts prepared by our chef from Algeria provides the soul with an amazing sweet taste experience.

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