Salahaddin’s multi-faceted and community driven corporate mission is to:

• Nurture a vibrant and prosperous Iraq through investment in key sectors, benefiting the Iraqi people as a whole by satisfying their needs, hopes, and welfare.

• Ensure that Iraqis are served by fellow Iraqis, who uniquely understand their needs and communal aspirations, thus strengthening the Iraq community through the development and delivery of localized products and services.

• Maximize the economic potential of Iraq by seeking out and supporting promising Iraqi economic ventures.

Salahaddin envisions a prosperous economic future for the people of Iraq, developed for and by Iraqis. Therefore, Salahaddin believes not just in investing in business, but pursues long-term investment in the Iraqi people themselves. Salahaddin supports local communities in overcoming economic challenges, nurturing social responsibility and financing overall sustainable growth. Salahaddin believes strongly that Iraq’s most valuable resource is its vast human potential, and this attention to the distinct character of the Iraqi people lies at the forefront of all its investments.

– Al Hayat Company
– Dijla for Glass and Aluminium
– Duhok Brick Factory
– Awamedica Company LTD.
– Erbil Nayab Dairy
– Karin Industrial Group

– Erbil International Hotel
– Shaqlawa Hotel
– Khanzad Hotel and Resort
– Erbil Park Hotel

Real Estate
– MAZI Mall Complex
– Parkview

– Newroz Bank

Luxury Brands
– Lalique

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