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salahaddin university Arbil, Iraq
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In the last three decades Salahaddin University actively participated in the scientific and cultural developments of Kurdistan in general and Erbil city in particular.
We are proud that we educated various components of our society without any discrimination on the basis of religious or ethnic background.
Our teaching staff stand firm and continue the education process despite all the challenges and economic embargo imposed on Kurdistan by the government in Baghdad.
Education process in universities has a number of pillars: students, teachers, curricula, lecture halls and other requirements. If any of these pillars are
lacking the education process will suffer and the university will not advance.
From this belief, we are giving a particular attention to the continuous education of teachers, through continuing education and quality assurance programmes. In addition we provide more internal and external research opportunities for our teachers to upgrade their knowledge. We are proud that our University ranks the first in Kurdistan in relation to scientific promotion through research and publication.
In the new academic year we encourage more research related to the current challenges and desires of the people and the type of research that lead to
policy advice for the government and our leadership.

Our University aims to raise an educated and scientific-oriented generation. To this end we have ensured that all the requirements are in place such as
administration and teaching staff. In addition to the existing 24000 students we admit 5000 new students in the new academic year. In this academic year
we will put particular focus on national, cultural and civic education; through various activities such as seminars and workshops in these areas. We
encourage debate on the current affairs and make argumentation part of students’ academic experiences. The democratic and plural culture of
Kurdistan is a source of pride and every country around the world praise Kurdistan for the successful experience of coexistence and cultural and social
University’s ties with other universities and academic institutions is one of the factors that contribute to the advance of the University and raising its rank
among the advanced universities around the world. To this end Salahaddin University enjoys academic relation with universities in the USA, Germany,
the UK, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Holland, Greece and universities in the Arab countries. Now we have Memoranda of Understanding with over 200
universities. Under these agreements we have academic exchanges and joint research projects. Our University is also an active member of the Association
of Arab Universities and chaired its meetings for one year.
Due to Baghdad’s economic embargo on the Kurdistan Region, the University was not able to build any new facilities. However, we tirelessly work on the
construction of the new campus. We hope to finish this important project within the next 4-6 years.
Salahaddin University has long-term strategic plan for postgraduate studies.

This year over 400 Masters students will be accepted in Salahaddin University; in addition to PhD studies through various programmes (Split-site, mixed system and tradition system). Over 120 Masters and 200 PhD students are enrolled in various international universities within the Higher Education Capacity Development Programme.
Finally I would like to congratulate you on the occasion of the commencement of the new academic year. I wish you all the success and wish a brighter, more democratic, free and stable future for Kurdistan.

Assistance Professor Dr. Ahmed Anwar Dezaye
President of Salahaddin University-Hawler

1 College of Science
2 College of Arts
3 College of Languages
4 College of Education
5 College of Physical Education
6 College of Basic Education
7 College of Islamic Sciences
8 College of Engineering
9 College of Administration & Economy
10 College of Law & Politics
11 College of Agriculture
12 College of Fine Arts

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