Why Sarki ?
Sarki is committed to providing best solutions possible through its highly skilled and experienced workforce, quality materials and installation processes,compliance with project guidelines and HSE regulations and most importantly maintain strong lasting relationships with our clients.

About Us

Sarki is one of companies established under the laws of the KRI, specialized in
•Engineering design
•Drilling of water wells
•Completion of water wells with Designed ESPs

The high standard of the equipments, Sarki used in drilling, completions and means of water delivery to remote locations met the requirements of water supply for the industry.

Our Services
Water well drilling, completion and water delivery to locations is one of our main specialty.
Road construction and related services is also part of our services.

Our Team
Highly experienced group of engineers, geologists and qualified drillers with a wide spectrum of experience in various disciplines.
Our team are not deterred from hard work in mountainous regions. When working in the field they keep in mind to mitigate unnecessary harm to our environment.

Vision, Mission and Values

When working, our team, keeping in mind it is all for the prosperity of our people. and consider the backbone of our mission is the safety and security of our emplyees not to forget the ENVIRONMENT

We always adhere and comply with the international industry satandards.

This is our philosophy and values.


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