Sefeen Factory is the largest factory in Iraq for alabaster, marble and granite products with total area of 25,000 m2 and a building area of 6500 m2, where we are able to meet all the needs of the local market in Kurdistan and Iraq, as well as export to outside of Iraq .

The factory is located in the northern industrial zone in the province of Erbil, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan .

The production capacity is 500 m2 currently and we aspire to reach 1000 m2 of marble and natural granite local and imported from various countries of the world with precise measurements.

Our work experience is more than 50 years and we use the latest technology in our service of the reconstruction and development of industry, construction supplies and materials, where we use CNC machines for cutting and polishing, and water jet machine for inscriptions and designs.

Our goal is good production , cheap price and speed implementation .

The factory brings stones and marble blocks from several quarries scattered in Iraq and Turkey, multiple colors and types from different sources.

We have the ability to product and design hundreds of patterns, designs and finishes digging through Water Jet machine.

We equipped dozens of buildings and projects in Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan with different types of alabaster , marble and granite.

Our factory products are used in the kitchen counters, marble stairs, facades of houses and villas and flooring finest types of marble and alabaster.

We are working in Erbil since more than seven years in marble industry and aspects of counters for kitchens, laboratories and restaurants with reasonable prices, and the latest models that meet all tastes and needs.

We provide the following projects with highest quality of alabaster ,marble and granite:

1. Bazaar Nishtiman project
2. Lebanese village
3. Khanzad International Hotel
4. Sheraton Basra Hotel
5. Dream City Erbil
6. Many Turkish companies operating in Erbil

Polishing and buffing machines: Sefeen Factory Machines
Is composed of the following machines:

1. Levi Tunisi Italian machine :
polishes small measurements with high productivity and it is composed of 12 clear head and a production capacity of 700 m 2 per day

2. Breton Italian machine :
polishes plates and large format display up to 2-3 m and a capacity of up to 1000 m 2 per day

Polishing machines for edges of marble and granite:
Latest polishing machines for the edges of the stone for use in the doors , windows , ladders and construction counters .
Production capacity up to 1500 m per day

Paintings cutting Machines :
Two machines to cut paintings marble (several layers) at once and CNC technology and converted to a small measurements .
production capacity is currently 600 m 2

Uni cutting machines :
Cutting marble blocks into small plates and measurements of different width 100 cm and 65 cm .
Total capacity of 200 m2 per day

Shakers Machines:
Two of cutting machines for large blocks 1.78 * 2.8 m
Produce large panels up to 3 * 2 m thickness 2-10 cm .
Production capacity up to 600 m2 daily for various acts of floors , walls and stairs.

Water Jet machine:
Advanced machine in the field of drilling on various metallic and non-metallic materials (Alabaster – granite – Ceramics – Porcelain – Glass – Wood – Steel – Aluminum – pvc) with different sizes for floors, walls and stairs and with bright colors , floral and geometric designs All this are using CNC technology to be able to meet so different desires as requested by the esteemed customers in terms of color , motifs and inscriptions.

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