SI Capital Partners (SICP)


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SI Capital Partners (SICP)

is an independent Investment Company with a diverse portfolio in a variety of business sectors.

We invest directly in small to medium sized companies where we can contribute our expertise.

As a privately owned group, we make investment decisions in an informal environment. The partners discuss various proposals and opportunities, each bringing to the discussion their individual expertise and interest.

We invest in startups and turnarounds and actively seek opportunities in complex, challenging environments.



Strategic Initiatives

is the Corporate Finance Advisory arm of SICP.

We have a strong presence in Europe, MENA, Russia and the Former Soviet Union (FSU). Our operations provide a unique combination of outstanding M&A opportunities in the FSU, coupled with Western European financial expertise and access to Middle East funds.

We provide local and global support to our clients when buying or selling companies and advise on corporate restructuring and corporate finance transactions.

We have assembled a highly accomplished team of internationally respected individuals, whose expertise is sought by business and political leaders alike.



Each member of our team has achieved outstanding business success in their own right, at the highest levels in multi-national organisations, or providing advice to heads of state and business leaders. Our international background, with team members from Europe, America, Africa and the Middle East, gives us a unique global perspective for cross-border transactions.

Our collective exposure, not just as advisors, but also as high-level ‘deal-makers’ and business conduits, creates a broad spectrum of understanding and opportunity for our clients.

Our common starting point is a strategic one, a desire to understand the needs of both parties, to identify possible synergies and suitable investment opportunities and to provide actionable solutions that minimise risks and maximise rewards.


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