Why Sidar Holding ?
Successfully we placed our fingerprint on the economy through our various specialties that make the scaffold of our operating companies distributed all over the country.

Oil and Gas
Sidar Oil has 6 petrol stations in Kurdistan and also provides transportation services.

We work closely with our clients to identify and meet organizational needs for human resources.

Sidar Sport provides services related to sport activities for the youth and children.

Sidar Agency
Our experts connect these audiences with our clients through insightful, dynamic, and excellent service

Sidar Private Security offers a private security services and special protection in Iraq.

Sidar General Trading imports/export raw materials from all over the world to Iraq.

Sidar Holding is conglomerate and has interests in many sector of the economy. It consists of more than 12 companies operating in Iraq. We have branches, storage and offices across Iraq Kurdistan. Headquarter in Erbil. Sidar Holding activities include:

SIdar Oil&Gas
Sidar Agency
Sidar Sport
Sidar Security
Sidar Manpower
Sidar Construction
Sidar Transportation
Sidar Food
Sidar Health
Sidar General Trading

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