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Stirling Group is a leading provider of Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and support services to the Middle East and Africa (MEA) oil and gas industry. We enable businesses by providing them with specialised training, manpower and equipment that deliver best practice HSSE and support solutions, allowing them to focus on their core operations in a safe and secure environment.

With 20 years of experience operating in challenging environments, Stirling Group has built strong, market strategies to address the specific and evolving HSSE issues that face the oil and gas industry.

Our strong track record, extensive resources and expert professional networks built over three decades of diverse project experience ensure that we provide a range of responsive HSSE and support solutions to the needs of each individual client.

Stirling Group’s capabilities and technologies ensure our clients are able to operate safely, effectively, and in compliance to regulations and authority, regardless of the environmental constraints and hazards they face.

We provide oil and gas clients with complete life support solutions with our partnerships in logistics, communications, protective services, emergency response and medical services.

In July 2014 Stirling Group acquired Altor Risk Group and as a combined company, we now offer services covering the entire HSSE spectrum including Emergency Preparedness and Response, Process Safety, Environmental Services, Technical and Safety Development, integral Health and Safety Services, and the provision of Technical Manpower.

Altor Risk Group is focused on Major Accident Hazard management while our primary focus is on occupational HSSE, HSSE services, and technical training.

Geographically we complement each other, with a significant presence, project experience and offices across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and South East Asia.

Together we share a common vision; to be the primary provider of HSSE services to the Energy sector and beyond.  

Altor Risk Group is a specialist consultancy and training organisation focusing on risk and the management of major accident hazards, developing robust and effective resilience, prevention and response arrangements. Altor draws together some of the best people in risk management within the energy sector, and provides comprehensive and innovative services to ensure safe and continuous operations for companies within the energy, shipping and aviation sectors. The company believes that all accidents are avoidable, and should they occur, it is possible to protect life, the environment, infrastructure and business through careful planning and preparations.

International Oil Companies | National Oil Companies | EPCs & Oil Field Services| Civil Defence and Aviation

Over the past 20 years Stirling Group has developed its service lines in direct correlation with the requirements of the sectors we serve.  Our provisions foresee the potential barriers our clients may face and build practical solutions to overcome these.  We believe this inherent understanding of our clients’ needs and the environments in which they work as central to our business, both in ethos and in practice.

Stirling’s services ensure that Health, Safety, Security and Environment lie at the heart of our clients’ operations.  By focusing on understanding the nature of our clients’ work and balancing this with our extensive expertise of the environments in which they operate, we have been able to create and continuously develop our service lines across the energy, civil defence, and aviation industries to ensure their operations are safe and secure.  

Stirling Group offers the following sector specific services :

Fire and Rescue

Technical Training Safety Equipment HSSE Management and Consultancy


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