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Brief about the hospital
We would like to welcome you to the official website of the Swedish Specialist Hospital (SSH).
The SSH is a private specialist hospital with patient-focusing aim, in providing the medical care and services within all its departments. The goal of the health institution or the hospital (SSH) is to enhance and promote the quality of care and service for the acutely and electively sick patient with different surgical, medical, gynecological, and other disease-specific needs, through modern and most scientific multidisciplinary team-work care providers.

The hospital represents currently over 15 experienced Physicians and Surgeons in all branches of medicine, specialized in the care, for the nearly all kinds of diseased patients. The hospital consists of eight major departments and units in the field of medical care; Medicine (including specific care for diabetics), Respiratory and Allergic diseases, General and Trauma Surgery, Gynaecology, Orthopedic, Plastic, Ophthalmology, and Dentistry as well as other supplementary health care providers, like Radiology and Laboratory departments.

Our policy in SSH is not just about the treatment given for our patients; or the equipment’s used, it’s not merely about the facilities we have as well. At Swedish Specialist Hospital, we are of the strong belief that the process of healing and management is much more than curing a medical or surgical condition in a clinical environment. A warm welcoming smile from the staff of the hospital, a reassuring touch or a few words of comfort can offer hope and confidence to patients, and help them whole the way to the recovery and healing process.

Conveniently located on the 100 meter Street in Erbil, Swedish Specialist Hospital will be among the best Private Hospitals to be opened under the sponsorship of the new standards put in place by the Health Authority of Ministry of Health in Kurdistan Region. Equipped with the best and the most advanced facilities in diagnosis, treatment modalities, equipment, and with a team of experienced specialists and medical personnel at the hospital; most of them obtained their teaching and clinical training in Sweden, we are always ready to offer the best we can do in serving our patients according to the European and internationally-recognized health-care standards.

Board Management of the Swedish Specialist Hospital
Dr Lokman Atroshi – General Manager/ President
Dr Celadet Celiker – Head Department, Ophthalmology/ Member
Dr Heewa Kareem Shwani – Head Department, General Surgery/ Member
Dr Alan Kurdo Koyee – Head Department, Orthopedic Surgery/ Member
Dr Laith Gurgia – Head Department, Plastic Surgery/ Member

Our Vision
is to create a unique health care model in Kurdistan by providing comprehensive and first class daycare facilities with top quality and adequate health care solutions and specialized services, supported by enhanced diagnostic facilities with highly qualified specialists offered at highly competitive prices.

Excellent clinical and surgical results, Patient-oriented service, patient safety and satisfaction are the main cornerstones in our vision.

General Surgery
Plastic Surgery

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