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The Ministry of Planning of the Kurdistan Regional Government is pleased to welcome you to the official website of the Ministry of Planning.

We have designed this website with the intention of keeping our browsers informed about the most recent developments, by providing the most up-to-date information, news and reports. In addition, the website attempts to introduce the instrumental role that the Ministry plays in supporting the comprehensive development process in region of Iraq, and in realizing the vision of our government in transforming our Region into a modern knowledge-based economy.

We aim to secure free flow of information on the Ministry’s wide spectrum of objectives, activities and reports in Kurdish, Arabic and English. In addition we work towards provision of information on KRG’s key partners in development and their support to the development process in Kurdistan.

We hope that the website is easily accessible, interesting and informative. Please feel free to share with us any suggestions or ideas that may improve the quality of our website.

Objectives and Functions

The Ministry of Planning oversees a dynamic portfolio of activities crucial for the development of the KRG and the future of the Kurdistan Region. At its core the Ministry is responsible for developing the strategic vision and objectives of the KRG and ensuring the Region progresses on a continuous and sustainable path of development and modernization.

•Preparing the annual investment budget and ensuring the strategic allocation of resources.
•Improving the human capacity of the KRG and the Kurdistan Region.
• Promoting international cooperation in development and coordinating outside technical assistance for all bodies of the KRG.
•Working to strengthen the private sector and promoting foreign investment through structural reform.

Please find below a link to the Official Mandate of the Ministry of Planning.

Partners in Development

The following consultancy firms or organization are assisting Ministry of Planning in different fields.

RAND Corporation:
The RAND Corporation and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq have signed an agreement to work together to improve the region’s health care and education systems, and foster private economic development.

RAND researchers also will help KRG officials assess the availability of reliable policy-relevant information such as employment statistics and identify areas where such efforts should be improved. Each of the four projects is expected to take about a year to complete.

RAND is a nonprofit research organization that is based in the United States with offices in Europe and the Middle East. More than 30 members of RAND’s research staff will participate in the KRG research projects.

UK-National School of Governance:

The National School of Government is a UK governmental organization who has been contacted by the KRG Ministry of Planning. The Ministry of Planning is responsible of overseeing the implementation of the contract. The NSG works on the following areas:

1- Establishment of Quality Assurance Directorates within the KRG ministries to insure the highest quality of services and public satisfaction.

2- Provision of training and knowledge transformation to the MoP staff to educate trainers and be able to provide various training on every aspect of public administration throughout the KRG.

Price Water House Coopers (PWC):

With the Budget Execution Support project that’s planned to help Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) build better capacity in budgetary policy, planning, execution and strengthen control, transparency and accountability in the mobilization and improve the use of public resources. In doing so UNDP has contracted Price Water House Cooper to provide advisory services to (KRG) through implementing five from nineteen outputs of Public Financial Management (PFM) Action Plan. On July 6-7th, 2010 a workshop was organized to launch PWC services for providing Technical Assistance on a) Budget policy, b) Budget Call Circular, c) Diagnosing skills and capacity strengthening, d) Modern budget reporting and e) assessing internal control systems for KRG PFM project. For more information on KRG PFM project, please visit


KPMG is another consultative firm that’s also contracted by UNDP to provide advisory services for KRG PFM project. KPMG will implement three out of nineteen outputs of the KRG PFM Action Plan. The outputs are a) Regional Development Strategy aligned with Iraq’s National Development Strategy (NDP), b) Sector Development Strategy aligned with the NDP, and c) Communication Strategy. On October 5th, 2010 a workshop was organized by both KRG Ministry of Planning and Ministry of Finance and Economics to launch KPMG Technical Assistance for Public Financial Management in Kurdistan Regional Government. For more information on KRG PFM project, please visit


About USAID/Tatweer Tatweer, the USAID-funded National Capacity Development program delivers capacity-building assistance to the Government of Iraq in general and Kurdistan Regional Government in particular. Ministry of Planning is the main focus of USAID/Tatweer of their 2010 program. They started Tatweer project at the beginning of 2010 in the Ministry of Planning and its departments. The program includes the following dimensions:

1.Human Resource Systems Improved

1.Job descriptions
2.Personnel performance appraisal system
3.Manpower planning system
4.HRMS system implemented

2. Fiscal Management Systems Improved

a. Public Contracts Directorate created
b. Contractor Classification Application (CCA) implemented

3. Information Technology Systems Improved

a. Assist MoP-KRG to redesign their internal IT networks, applications and organizations
b. Inventory Management System (IMS) implemented
c. Archiving System implemented

4. Project Management Systems Improved

a. Improving the Planning Capacity of KRG-MoP
b. Improving Feasibility Study Capacity in the MoP-KRG
c. Implementing the Government Assistance Database (GAD)

5. Ministries with Established Public Administration Training Program
a. Assist the MoP to implement the Training Management System Software (TMSS)

6. Operational Effectiveness Improved
a. improving the efficiency of the Kurdistan Region Statistical Office (KRSO)

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