UB Holding, is a family owned group of companies that historically started business by agriculture and developed in food sector in 1992. Since then,it has achieved a considerable progress in becoming one of the most prominent trade and production groups in Iraq.

Although main activity field of the Holding has long been petroleum trading, it is rapidly expanding its position in production, distribution, exports/imports and logistics as commercial situation of the region evolve.

Agriculture is still one of the important sectors of the Holding where millions of poplar trees are grown up mainly for industrial use.

Regarding oil business, UB Holding has fuel storage and distribution terminals in Erbil and Zakho. Additionally, there are fuel stations operating in Iraq under its brand, Iraq Oil. Another business line that has had boost in growth is water bottling. Following start up of the first bottling plant in 2004 in Zakho, a second plant was also installed and started up within the same facilities in Zakho. Lately, a brand new water bottling plant has been built in Suleymaniyah and started operation by end of 2012.

UB Holding has recently been active in industrial production, too. After previously started production for personal care cleaning products in 2004, more complicated and heavier industries have been in focus, A BOT agreement has been signed for of an iron and steel production facility in Basrah.

Starting from year 2010, UB Holding has also diversified into construction and tourism sectors. Legacy construction company is established in 2010 and performed construction of various buildings and facilities including theme parks and hotel for its tourism business line.

With its workforce of about 1500 employees mainly in Iraq and Turkey, UB is the largest employing private sector group in Northern Iraq. The upcoming investments of the Group will provide new employment opportunities for the people in the region.

Legacy Construction is the driver of the construction business of UB Holding and presently responsible for the construction of a host of projects in Iraq. Within UB Holding, there are companies that manufacture and/or supply construction materials, like Pluspen PVC frames.

UB Holding has already been involved in industrial production, mainly in personal and industrial cleaning products. Lately, significant steps are being taken for investing in process industries based on oil and NG. Additionally, a new BOT contract has been awarded to UB Holding for rehabilitation and expansion of SCIS Iron and Steel Plant in Basrah

Iraq Oil Company is a pioneer in the region in dealing with petroleum products. Apart from oil business of Iraq Oil, UB Holding has lately been entering in electrical power production business.

One of the earlier starting and continuously expanding production lines of UB Holding has been Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). Within FMCG production there are a number of well known brands in Iraq, like Ahram, Life Water, Class Cola, Class Up, Class Orange and Royal Tea.
Regarding agriculture, wheat, barley, corn and olive are grown in the fields owned by the company. Raising cattle is another activity that is expected to expand in the short run.

UB Holding has always given great importance in raising the social standards of local communities throughout Iraq and reach out people. In line with this principle, UB Holding has been investing in tourism and amusement business. The facilities invested include hotels in Dohok and Erbil and fun parks in Erbil, Duhok and Zakho.

Trading has been the first and the main area of operation for UB Holding. The commodities traded are mostly petroleum products. In addition to the trading, a marketing business has been established for distributing the manufactured as well as the imported products within Iraq.

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