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Renewable Energy Projects: With extensive experience in the renewable energy industry and international relationships with project developers, debt providers, engineering firms and technical/legal experts, we offer a turnkey service to sophisticated investors in structuring and managing renewable energy projects.

Asset Management: We offer asset management advisory services, allowing institutional investors to gain access to renewable energy investment opportunities.

Coffee: We are a major manufacturer of instant coffee offering a full service to the private label industry, including packaging, logistics and marketing.

Commodities Trading: We trade green coffee beans, milk powders, sugar, edible oil and other commodities direct from origin, offering full service to clients including hedging, logistics and portfolio management.

Project Management: Our project management activities include residential and office real estate as well as industrial developments in Europe and internationally.

Venture Capital: United Green invests in a range of high growth companies where we feel that we can add value and help the company reach its full potential. We also hold substantial proprietary investments in the field of renewable energy.

Distribution: We have established one of the first modern distribution companies in Iraq, covering all
major urban areas, which services well-known international food and non-food FMCG brands

Renewable Energy Projects

Turnkey investment services for sophisticated investors
in renewable energy projects

Renewable energy plays an important role in future power supply and in the protection of our environment. We believe that related new technologies not only safeguard the future of our planet but also represent a rapidly expanding industry with enormous business opportunities.

ecap Solutions offers turn-key services to sophisticated investors who wish to invest in renewable energy projects, using our experience and our global network of relationships across the renewable energy industry to structure and manage projects that meet investors’ requirements.

Our current focus lies in large scale solar parks in Germany, France and Italy as well as in wind parks in the UK and Poland. But we are constantly monitoring policies and trends across the renewable energy space (including wind, csp, wave, tidal, hydro and other new technologies), and are actively looking for new ventures to significantly expand our engagement in this exciting sector.



Viva Coffee is a ‘one stop shop’ for the instant coffee private label industry

Viva Coffee has a production facility in Upahl, Germany, with a production capacity of 4,500 tonnes per year of instant coffee. Viva Coffee works with private label clients as ‘one stop shop’ for all their coffee needs.

Our production facility is state of the art, offering efficient production of a wide range of instant coffees and soluble mixes. However, our service extends far beyond production – client managers with decades of experience in their respective fields provide a seamless package encompassing:

  • Product development
  • Packaging
  • Marketing
  • Logistics


Commodities Trading

While Genesis Commodities trades in a broad range of agricultural products, we are more than traders:

  • We act as financiers
  • We play a vital role in the logistics of transactions
  • We assume and manage risk involved in transactions and act as business partners with our counterparts at origin and at destination, using our vast trade experience in new business development
  • We bridge the gap between supply and demand, at times by putting together the suppliers and those seeking their products,and at other times by providing the actual sources of supply or demand. In our efforts to increase trade and to find new directions for it to flow, we sometimes also provide raw materials, and then arrange for the sale of the finished goods

Presently, the focus lies on green coffee beans, milk powders, sugar, edible oil and other commodities.


Venture Capital

United Green takes an active role in helping fast growing companies reach their full potential

United Green holds substantial proprietary investments in the field of renewable energy.

In addition, United Green provides venture capital to fast growing companies. We take an active role in helping the companies we invest in to develop and reach their potential.

As a flexible team working closely with our financial backers we have no fixed criteria for investment in terms of size or sector, but we seek to invest in situations where our experience and relationships will allow us to add real value to the companies concerned.

Project Management

FIBA provides a wide range of project management services, encompassing large scale industrial plants, high end residential housing and bespoke office buildings

FIBA offers turn-key projects as well as specialized services along the value chain of industrial facilities, construction and real estate development.

We cover a complete range of project management services, from planning to completion.

We work with clients through each stage of the complex process to deliver optimal outcomes and maximum value. For each project we put together the best team of experts with the right skills to ensure unique solutions and outstanding results.


Asset Management

Fund investments in renewable energy for institutional investors

Londorf Capital AG offers asset management advisory services in the field of renewable energy to institutional investors.

With our experience of the renewable energy industry and our direct relationships with developers, manufacturers, engineering firms and debt providers we are able to identify outstanding investment opportunities, and to package them in a transparent and tax-efficient manner.

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