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What We Offer

VSC Security was formed to offer high calibre, environment specific security consultancy and protective services. VSC aims to provide these services in a way fits the unique geopolitical environments found in the world’s most demanding environments. Through the utilisation of the very best staff and a real focus and commitment to providing client security that is sensitive to conflict, VSC aims to implement solutions that adhere to the highest ethical standards. We work in a manner that is built around the voluntary principles and conflict sensitive business practises. VSC aims to not only secure your assets, but also to integrate your operations with local, regional and national stakeholders in a solution that works with the geopolitical environment, instead of against it.

The Way we Work

◾ VSC is staffed by accomplished risk mitigation professionals and international policy experts. Their unique mix of experience and connections allows VSC to deliver tailored, value-focused solutions that secure your environment and enable your business to operate in any region of the world.

◾ VSC’s operations are built on an ethos of low profile security. However, our planning is always risk led and not bound by any particular procedure or doctrine. Coupled with this we have the necessary assets and personnel to successfully mount high or low profile security operations that are finely tuned to your requirements.

VSC People

All of VSC’s expatriate security consultants and managers are ex military or police with a minimum of 5 years experience working in a protective role in hostile environments. The local elements of VSC’s security teams are drawn from your area of operations and are trained to VSC’s demanding standards.

Client Centric Solutions

Every VSC solution starts with information. Information about the security situation, information about the business and political environment, information about how you work and information about what you’re going to achieve. However, information is of little use if you can’t leverage it to produce knowledge that benefits you as an organisation.

VSC’s unique experience of security operations gives us the edge in turning the information available into knowledge that will benefit your operations. From this position of knowledge we then put you at the centre of everything we do. VSC people are trained to communicate in a way that allows you to utilise your security resource as a business enabler. This means that we don’t just manage your security we manage it in conjunction with your own aims and goals. The end result is a solution that secures your external environment and allows you to get on with doing what you do best.

Track Record and Clients

Each member of the VSC management team has had considerable experience in managing large security projects. These have spanned industry sectors from communications to construction and media to political policy consulting. At present VSC’s clients include global oil companies, consulting companies, communications providers and the United States DoD. This gives VSC real strength in depth when planning, implementing and running large or small scale security projects.

VSC Services
◾ Security threat assessments and procedural planning for facilities, projects and personnel.
◾ Expatriate and local Security Advisors, Security Management Teams and Risk Mitigation Experts.
◾ Personnel security services including close protection teams and personal protection officers
◾ Fully managed guard forces for comprehensive facility protection.
◾ Comprehensive local and international security infrastructure procurement support
◾ Crisis and evacuation planning and management
◾ Pre-deployment training and awareness briefing packages for expatriates entering a new area.
◾ Client facilitation, life support, transportation, and logistical support.

Ethical Standards & Practices

VSC fully subscribes to the Voluntary Principles of Security and Human Rights and therefore recognises the need for regulation and accountability within the private security industry. This is essential to the protection of our client’s interests, the local population and ourselves, and as such VSC recognises that it is necessary for security providers to ensure that they operate responsibly at all times.

VSC pursues the highest ethical standards and employs a conflict sensitive approach in all of it’s activities and we are confident that our clients will benefit positively in terms of both product and reputation from any association it has with VSC. VSC is also in the process of becoming a signatory member of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers as well as the UN’s Global Compact

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