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 European Dental Center Is a project in cooperating with the Dutch government based in Erbil, kurdistan, Iraq which is started its way to make a brighter future for dental health care in Iraq . Since the start it has tried to change the dental care methods to a modern and European style.The clinic has fully equipped rooms offering Private Dental Care. We have established the practice with the most modern technology in the world. A fully computerized Practice system and the latest technology in Digital Radiography, helping us to improve the speed and quality of patient care. Our team of Dental Care Professionals including a full team of dental hygienists and dental nurses are well trained to provide high quality dental care service. Our aim as a practice is to encourage a Preventive approach to Oral Health to establish long term Dental Health in the Kurdish region and in whole Iraq later on. Our aim as a team is to make your experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible and to provide the best possible level of care; also to provide ultimate treatment care for a wide group of population as we recognized the need to increase the access to oral health care.

Patients are allowed to request Private dental Care for any course of treatment. Appointments can be made so easily just by a phone call for the Dentist, the dental specialist and the Dental Hygienist. The Practice also has its own Dental laboratory to provide patients with any kind of dental protheses like full dentures, Crowns and Bridges. We believe the ideal type of treatment is preventive. The best way to solve a problem is to take a step back and assess the cause. We use testing and screening methods to inform us of the most effective, efficient and least invasive way to treat each patient individually. The outcome of this approach is increased longevity and health of the teeth and gums. We like our patients to feel informed, which in turn helps them to feel relaxed and comfortable towards their dental treatment.

WAZIN Dental & Medical LTD
Bakhtiyari Street, Erbil, Iraq

Telephone: 0 750 3710080

E.D.C European Dental Center
Bakhtiyari Street – Erbil – Iraq
Phone: 066 210 02 51
066 210 02 52
066 210 02 53
066 210 02 54
066 210 02 55
0750 730 71 17
0770 045 61 17
E.D.C European Dental Center

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