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In 2004, the center was established in the heart of Izmir, in those years, Op. Dr. Mehmet Söyler began serving the patients with a small team. Today, the center continues on treating eye diseases with approximately 150-person staff and a total of 3 hospitals, 4 branches.

In chronological order, Hatay branch in 2005, Şirinyer in 2006, and the Diyarbakır branch were opened in 2007, so it is possible to reach more patients each year.

Since 2008, the company which has been planning to invest in abroad, established full-equipped hospitals in Bucharest , the capital city of Romania and in Arbil which is the heart of the business in Iraq,in 2011. Since then those hospitals have been at service for both foreign and Turkish citizens living in those countries in the name of West Eye Hospital.

The headquarter of Batıgöz is located in Cankaya with a covered area of 1600 m2, two operating rooms, 7 examination rooms , Excimer Laser rooms, private patient rooms which are available with a capacity of 8 beds. All rooms and excimer laser surgery room which are kept hygienic and clean at high levels are also equipped with a special air circulation and filteration system “laminar air flow ”

From 2009 to the present, Batıgöz has been treating the foreign patients with especially Excimer Laser. It has opened its doors wide open for the patients initially from Netherlands and Germany providing the best and prompt treatment.

Our Vision
Our goal is being one of the leading health providers by staying compatible with the latest technology and scientific research serving all of the patients in the world with the highest quality. Our dedicated medical team always plays the most important role.

Our Mission
A group of hospitals with a good reputation for both the highest and excellent quality health care service in and abroad. By foreseeing new possibilities in Europe, we will achieve our goal investing new hospitals in Europe. Our confidence in ourselves and the power, we will grow a lot more in this field.

Our Branches in the World :
İzmir Çankaya Center Branch
İzmir Hatay Branch
İzmir Şirinyer Branch
Diyarbakır Branch
Iraq Arbil Branch
Iraq Sulaymaniyah Branch
Romania Bucharest Branch

Eye Diseases
What is Cataract? Cataract is an eye disease which starts with clouding of the lens and cause significant reduction in vision. It is 90 % age-related, however a secondary cataract

Laser Eye Treatment
The worlds most widely used method of laser treatment is Lasik. After local anesthesia, a very thin flap under which laser lights are applied to correct the refractive errors is c

Glocoma (its known as eye pressure in common) is a serious eye disease for people over 40 mostly. It may develop gradually within years and damage optic nerve which allows gives u

Retinal Tears and Retinal Detachment
What is the reason of retinal tears and holes? Retina has a contact with vitreous gel inside of the eye. Vitreous gel is homogeny, tight, support the retina and pushes outer tissu

Üveits? Üveit, gözün üvea adını verdiğimiz iris, koroid ve silier cisimden oluşan tabakalarının bir grup enflamatuar hastalığıdır. This is an inflammation of the layers of the eye

Eyelid Esthetical Surgery Some changes may occur on eyelids caused by aging such as eyelid bags, outgrowth skin and wrinkles at the outer corners of the eye as known as goose’s f

The cornea is the transparent, dome-shaped window covering the front of the eye. It is also protective membrane for the retina. There are no blood vessel which makes the cornea tr

If Both eyes are not focused at the same point and aligned properly, this is because of strabismus. It is categorized different ways. Babies, teenagers or adults should not be lat

Dry Eye
Dry Eye Usually our eye is lubricated and moisturized by the tear film . Tear film makes our eye comfortable and moisturizes but sometimes tear can be inefficient or quality of t

Contact Lens
What is contact lens? Contact lens is alternative solution for glasses which are used for refractive disorders. They are also used for cosmetic and treatment. All principles of g

CORNEA Cornea is the outer layer of our eyes that protects our natural lens and give us a clear vision by determining the refraction of the light. It is a progressive disorder tha

Presbyopia is a gradual lose of focusing ability of the lens on near objects. Because of some changes in our eye muscles, the shape of the lens is also affected. Presbyopia starts

Corneal Transplantation
Corneal Transplantation (Keratoplasty) Keratoplasty is an operation in which the foremost transparent layer that is defected for some reason is changed with a healthy corneal ti

Neuro Ophtalmology
What is Neuro-ophtalmology? It is a discipline dealing with common diseases of the eye and the nerve system. Our vision is comprised of perception of the eye firstly and perceptio

Lacmiral Duct Occlusion
Liquid that humidifies eye flows through lacmiral duct to inside of nose. Usually occlusion of lacmiral sac leads to Lacmiral Duct Occlusion disease. It is mostly seen in new born

Macular Degeneration
It occurs as we age. It gradually advances and might cause central vision loss or a black point in our visiual field. Smoking, Genetic disposition or unhealthy nutrition are also

This disease which is know as “Pink Eye” occurs due to an inflammation or infection of the transparent membrane (conjunctiva) that lines your eyelid and covers the white part of y

This is a common inflammation of the eye lids with dry eye or bacterial infections. Some kind of skin conditions may also cause inflammation of the eyelids. It occurs where the e

If an eye can not carry out proper visual acuity, it must be due to the amblyopia or with its common name “Lazy Eye”. It might be inherited infancy disease which require an urgen

Color Blindness (Daltonism)
Color blindness does not mean visual loss or full blindness. Deficiency in the way we see color can cause this problem in our vision. Some certain colors can not be distinguished

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