Universal Engineering is a consulting firm found back in 2001 and since then, providing dedicated structural anatomist services. The team of Structural Engineers is highly specialized in Structural Solutions. Achievement of sustainable design can only be done by integrating the different aspects like by optimizing the materials, reducing the costs, and environmental affects altogether. Universal Engineering is aware of modern challenges and keen to provide, develop the best with the most experienced team of Structural Engineers. Hardworking experienced team of Engineers is making it possible by providing the expertise like in Structural Calculations, Inspections and Structural repairs .At the same time our Structural Engineers Co-ordinate with clients, and provide them the updates about the work and let them know about the industry issues in order to respond the real world challenges. With past experience, Our Structural Engineers has shaped their abilities to design, steady, tough and stylish buildings and they also render fresh concepts.


Structural Engineering Group

The Structural Engineering function is at the heart of Universal Engineering.  Since its founding in 2001, the structural function has been working with many developers, architects and private entities throughout the world providing a wide range of services including structural design of different project types, sizes and types of construction, renovation and retrofit of existing structures for updated use, structural repairs of failing components and structural alterations for a changing use.  We recruit and retain the best Florida structural engineers with particular strengths in “ Structural Calculations“, “ Structural Inspection” and “Structural Repairs“.  Through their commitment to the company’s mission, our professional engineers are on the project from the initial site visit to delivering a completed design package and continuous support during construction until completion.


When Can A Structural Engineer Help?


  • Your building has a cracked wall, uneven foundation settlement, and/or it needs a seawall repair.
  • Your building sustained fire, flood, and/or wind damage and it requires a structural damage assessment.
  • Your building is not hurricane-ready and you need certification to reduce the insurance premium.
  • Your structure has building code violations (as built).
  • You are buying or selling a building and need to inspect and assess structural defects.
  • You want to add a room or a whole second floor to your existing building.
  • You want to design a new structure including buildings, bridges, and all other types of residential and commercial projects.


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