Engineering, Construction, Security, Finance and Labor Force Consultants

Zozik is currently one of the leading human resource firms in Iraq. We have a wide range of experience and expertise in international recruitment and business. We provide high quality personnel to national and international organizations and have notable experience in management and executive level appointments.

We help and assist our clients to recruit all level of personnel in construction (labor, skilled labor, and engineering); maintenance (labor, skilled labor, and engineering); hospitality; health care (nursing, medical professionals); information technology; power and electricity; oil, gas and petrochemicals; finance, international cash transfers and administration; sales and marketing; and other categories.

Zozik is headquartered in Erbil, Iraq, with offices in Sulaimanya, Duhok; Damacus, Syria; and Amman, Jordan.

Our Clients

Below is a sampling of some of our clients.

UNDP – United Nation Development Programs
UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
FAO – Food and Agriculture Organization
WHO – World Health Organization
UNOPS – United Nations Office for Project Services
WFP – World Food Programme
ABB (Sweden) – Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
BWSC (Holland) – Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor
Energo (Bosnia)

and a wide variety of NGO’s – non-governmental organizations.



Purchase and provide 50 ton of reliable wheat to Directorate of research and agricultural extension in Northern of Iraq

Purchasing & Importing Food Stuff from Turkey for the EQUILIBRE Program (FRANCE NGO) for the period of 1994 -1996, then deliver it among Erbil, Sulaimaniah & Dahuk Teachers due to the prepared plan between MOE & EQUILIBRE.

For more than 10 years, Zozik Aviation has been organizing business and vacation flights worldwide, specifically into Iraq and the Middle East. Recently, our programs have enabled Iraqi children, who were wounded in the war, to come to Germany and to receive necessary medical treatment.

After the war, many exiled Iraqis wanted to go back to their homeland. In conjunction with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), we organized their journey home and made their arrival safe and easy. Exiled Iraqis from all over Europe have now joined this return program with great success.

In November of 2005, we were the first travel agency that offered direct flights from Germany into Iraq. Before March 2007, these direct flights were in collaboration with Hamburg International. With this partnership, the journey into Iraq became faster and easier.

By May 2007, we started cooperating with other airlines to offer more direct flights into northern Iraq as well as additional services for our passengers.

Zozik is the one of largest, most well-known and respected business conglomerate in the Middle East. With operations spread across eight industry sectors on four continents, Zozik’s innovative technical, professional and industrial solutions are a reflection of our commitment to innovation, quality and safety throughout the world. After nearly two decades, Zozik continues to be a leader by providing essential business solutions and services to agencies, governments and international companies taking part in the building of a new Iraq.

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