Overt Co. Ltd.

Overt Fabricate supply and services is a reputed supplier covering an all-inclusive range of products and services to oil, gas, power, petrochemical and industrial projects and General Industries all


Quality Construction Delivery Company (QCD) is specialized in managing, constructing, and providing engineering and contracting services for medium and mega projects. QCD offers direct construction sk


YAŞAM ALANLARINDA MUTLULUĞUN ANAHTARI Seha Yapı Co. Adress :İtalian City No:377 Erbil Seha Yapı, sektörde 35 yılını doldurmuş, deneyimli ve dinamik bir inşaat şirketi olarak yüksek niteli

Khazir Group

The Company’s Goal, Participating in activating, rebuilding, and renovating the country and promoting the aspects of national economy in various sectors according to the national planning of develo

Nasri Group (NGC)

OUR  CONCEPT & GOALS The global development and expansion of our scope of activities is a key factor in the various areas our Group covers, including reconstruction,

Bakoor Company

About Bakoor Company Bakoor Company for General Trading and Construction is a recognized industry leader in construction management, design-build, industrial services, pre-construction, and general co

Mellat Holding

MELLAT HOLDING Mellat Group as a company was established about 20years ago during some difficult times experienced by the Kurdistan region when it was difficult to engage in any sort of industrial and

Mylo Group

Founded in 2010 as a property management company we have quickly become a leading local specialist in various sectors. Mylo Group’s pursuit of excellence in feasibility and development, and our

Choman Company

Choman Company was founded in 1980. At the beginning it worked under the name of “Choman Bureau for providing construction material”. After noticeable progress, long period of hard work, and years

Homan Group

Profile / History Established in 1984, Homan launched in Nigeria as a Homan company. With time it grew to encompass projects in various African and Middle Eastern regions. Today Homan Group is proud